Christopher Mulei

 Christopher Kyalo Mulei is popularly known as Chris Mulei is an online Entrepreneur who focuses on building e-commerce sites, Blogging, V-Logging, affiliate marketing as well as digital marketing. I hope you are here to because you are interested in learning a new side skill. None of the YouTube tutorials will teach you better than the tutors at Udemy.

As strange as it sounds I didn’t find a good marketing channel on YouTube to help me market this site. This is largely because I’m the type of learner interested only in the series type of learning! I like to build cases upon cases to fully understand something. In case you are like me then go to or udemyvirallearning and You won’t regret it.I’ve watched thousands of tutorials on YouTube & Udemy trying to understand the skills i needed to earn online. If you are reading this then get a course from my handpicked compilation!

I can comfortably make web apps in 4 languages

See my Github here: Github

For projects in AngularJS, Django, Laravel, Java or Vue see use this Link to my portfolio.

Im a communication graduate and a programmer thanks to Udemy.

Incase You also wish to learn programming nobody does it better than Brad Travesy on youtube or use my guide.You can also see best proramming channels here 

Otherwise, see what I was personally able to create from self-taught skills.

  1. This online store.
  2. You are seeing this on Facebook which means I can create and manage advertising campaigns.
  3. Marketing here
  4. Laravel & Vue Js
  5. Python Django Apps
  1. Simple Real Estate App 1.(From scratch to deployment)
  2. Advanced Real Estate 1(From scratch to deployment)

Node Js & MongoDB

  1. Movie Store AP in NodeJs.( From scratch to deployment)
  2. FireBase Employee Management App


  1. NodeJs & MongoDB: Link to Github Repo:

Angular & Firebase

  1. Link
  2. Angular & Java spring

Or Read Chris Mulei full profile here’


Portfolio 1

Crud in Vue & Firebase Backend.

My project directory